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andmold parts and polishing tools, jigs and measuring tool.

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Hydraulic Chuck

The Hydraulic Chuck is of mono-block construction incorporating a clamp sleeve into the body. Compared with conventional two-piece models that use O-rings for sealing, the metal contact structure ensures high rigidity with stable accuracy.

The Hydraulic Chuck has two hydraulic chambers that can secure each side of a knife at two points and the protruding length not actually chucking the knife shell is so short that the Hydraulic Chuck has improved runout accuracy.




Shrink-fit Holder Slimline
MST Corporation

The Slimline is a shrink-fit holder system that makes use of the difference in coefficient of thermal expansion for knife chucking powerfully and highly precisely.

The product is available in two types, i.e., Two-piece System and Mono Series, each of which performs shrink fitting and removal at 300°C, a temperature suitable to shrink-fit holders.

The chucking block has no tightening parts, and the shape of the simple and compact holder is available to a wide variety of machining processes, ranging from mold machining to component machining. Moreover, the Slimline is ideal for high-speed cutting work.




Multi-lock Milling Chuck
Nikken Kosakusho Works Ltd.

The Multi-lock Milling Chuck is a three-lock tooling system that employs a taper, end face, and lining.
This product is characterized by a lining mechanism that maintains instantaneous retraction force at the time of tool clamping.
A standard BT spindle is transformed into a three-side locking spindle.





The Hydraulic Tool Holder is the first model that enables rough milling. SCHUNK in Germany is a company that invented and commercialized the Hydraulic Tool Holder for the first time in the world in 1978.




VE MC Power Vice
Kitagawa Iron Works Co., Ltd.td.

A power device of ultra-low-floor type.
A low body with a high cap.
A steep body adopted.

Minimal uplift.




High-torque Nut and Bolt
GNC Company

Nut and bolt sizes up to M20 can be easily tightened and loosened with a single hand.
Female users can handle the High-torque Nuts with ease.




High-precision Vice

The High-precision Vice is made from fully hardened forged SKS steel (at an HRC temperature of 62°) to finish the squareness and parallelism of each side with high-precision grinding.